You may have heard the name “Carriage Trade” tossed around but what does it mean? If you are looking to purchase or sell a luxury property, the Carriage Trade designation by Royal LePage will ensure that your property gets the right exposure to the right people or will aid in your search by seamlessly providing your with a curated list of the market’s most exclusive properties. This is an exclusive service offered by Royal LePage to market distinguished home in Canada to discerning buyers from around the world!

Will Your Home Qualify for the Carriage Trade Program?

Homes that are featured through the Carriage Trade program, must meet a specific set of criteria that our agents carefully assess. Depending on the market, these factors can vary as luxury in one city may come at a different price than another.  Here are some of the key factors to consider:

  • Prestige of the Neighbourhood – Some neighbourhoods are more sought after than others for luxury properties and this ultimately drives up home values as well. In Ottawa, these neighbourhoods include Rockliffe Park, Manotick, The Glebe, and Cedarhill Estates among others.
  • Uniqueness of Amenities and Features – Luxury homes are generally not about fitting a mold, and the more unique the better! This can include elevators, car lifts, and even heated driveways!
  • Desirability of Landscape and Design – Your luxury property will need to look the part both inside and out!
  • Noteworthy history – sometimes the value of a home can be driven up by the historical significance of the property.
  • Property Value – This one is largely driven by the previous 4 factors but it is a key deciding factor on whether or not a property will be included on Carriage Trade.

Marketing Benefits of the Carriage Trade Designation

If you are selling a luxury property, you want to ensure that your property gets the right exposure to the right people. The Carriage Trade program offers exclusive marketing tools designed to increase your home’s appeal and exposure:

  • Your listing featured on Canada’s premier online destination for luxury property listings.
  • The unique Carriage Trade sign that is known across the country as the branding for prestige and luxury.
  • Brochures, feature sheets, and marketing materials unique to the luxury market.
  • A carefully designed marketing plan, including potential exposure in some of North America’s finest luxury home advertising media!

Whether you are looking to buy or sell luxury real estate, it only makes sense to take advantage of the exclusive to Royal LePage Carriage Trade Luxury Properties Program. To chat with one of our agents, contact us today!