As the age of technology and the Internet continues to thrive, many industries have developed over the years to incorporate the constantly changing world of advertising and reaching potential clientele. Long gone are the days of people driving around on the weekends in search of potential listings, and fewer are checking the paper in search of their potential dream home. Despite these changes, the housing market is still booming and buyers and sellers alike are finding their future properties. The real question is, how has the search for real estate listings changed? The majority of that question can be answered with just one word: Internet. With millennials making up almost 66% of the first-time homebuyers group, the Internet is a natural search engine for them. The Internet has become a major source of information when it comes to searching for just about anything, and that includes real estate listings. So what are the areas included in modern searches, and where is the information coming from?

Firstly, of all homebuyers, 44% begin their search using the Internet. As there are always multiple avenues to choose from, it is important to note that having a realtor set up automated searches for you is a top choice if you want to receive the newest listings the fastest. Working with a realtor allows you to have access to these new listings quickly, and directly to your personal inbox. 94% of realtors use the Internet to communicate with their clients’. A realtor can have listings related to a particular search criteria on sent directly to their clients’ inbox. In order for your listing (if you are selling) to appear in these searches, it must be on MLS, which is one of the top reasons to work with a realtor. The more times your listing is seen by potential buyers, the more likely it is that your home will sell.

The Canadian Real Estate Association is the association that is in control of another great tool that individuals have access to now. This tool is This website hosts a wealth of listings, and their associated MLS#. The website also comes in an app, allowing individuals to search anywhere using their mobile device. You can search using your current location and the surrounding areas, or by a particular area you are interested in, as well as inputting search criteria such as number of rooms, lot size, acreage etc. Using the expertise of a Realtor can help ensure that the purchase of your first home is a successful and positive endeavour.

Social media plays a large role in helping individuals find listings, as they are shared from realtor to clients and across the social media platforms. This sharing of information allows a listing to stretch across multiple connections and reach potential buyers that may have missed the listing had it not been shared on social media. 80% of realtors are active on social media platforms such as Facebook. Over 90% of real estate firms have websites, with the most common feature on these sites being property listings. Realtor websites still play a large role when it comes to boosting the appearance and simplifying the search for listings. Oftentimes, individuals will look up one particular agent because of a sign they saw posted, and scroll through all the listings held by that agent.

Regardless of what way you choose to enter into your property search, there is no doubt about the need for an experienced realtor to assist in finding the perfect home for you, and ensuring that the sale of your home is a smooth and positive experience. As technology continues to expand, real estate firms are racing to stay up to date with the ever-evolving world of technology and internet. The beauty of the internet is that you can have access to hundreds of property listings in the palm of your hand, so now is the time to take that device and find your dream home with just the click of a button.