How do you know if you’re ready to move? Besides deciding that it’s something you want to do in the new year, and planning for the big transition, how can you be sure it’s the right call? Has your family grown too big for the house? Perhaps it’s not by choice but due to work. Are you interested in downsizing? Here is a checklist you might want to review before you go looking for a new home.

Looking For More Space?

Homeowners often change properties because they outgrow it, this comes with starting a family, or expanding it. Whether this means having children or adopting pets, more family members means there is a demand for more bedrooms, more bathrooms and more living space. Possibly a bigger yard for your canine to run around in, a double garage because your kids have purchased vehicles of their own, a spacious loft for your home office, and what have you.

Debating Downsizing

Millennials are pursuing a minimalist lifestyle and Baby Boomers are seeking manageable homes. Both paths lead to downsizing. You have to consider how comfortable you will be in a smaller space, especially if all you have ever known is two storey homes and bungalows. Change can be hard if you’re not mentally prepared to accept the good with the bad. Get more insight about downsizing here.

Creating a Moving Budget

Before you start hunting for homes and signing agreements you should create a moving budget to make sure this big change is possible. Learn more about the importance of creating a moving budget through this helpful website.

Relocating vs. Renovations

You might be ready to move out of your home but not out of the neighbourhood. It might be convenient for work and commuting, so if you have the means to renovate your place then that might work out as a better option. Constructing add-ons and levels to your home will most likely require permission from City of Ottawa, who can help you determine whether or not this option is feasible.

Splurging a Little

Sometimes the decision to move is as simple as wanting to, there doesn’t need to be big factor in play. Maybe you want to find a home that has a pool installed. Maybe you’re looking for a place that has two family rooms so that you can host bigger parties, or maybe you want a bigger lot so you can start your next gardening project. Moving to improve your quality of life is a perfectly good and valid reason.