Luxury homes offer just that – luxury – and many of them feature a variety of amenities to make life easier and add convenience. Here are the top 10 sought-after amenities for luxury homes compiled from interviews with Royal LePage agents across the country. Just in case you’re interested in upgrading your current home, estimated costs for each item is also included.

Car Lifts and Indoor Car Washes

Estimated Cost – Car Lift – $2,500 to $6,000

Indoor Car Wash – $30,000+

If you have a luxury home, it only makes sense to have space to park your luxury cars. If space is limited, car lifts add capacity and an indoor car wash will ensure that your vehicles always look clean and shiny. 

Walk-in Refrigerators

Estimated Cost – $7,000 to $20,000

Let’s face it, we could all use a little more fridge space. A large kitchen with plenty of storage is a must for any luxury home but a walk-in fridge adds something extra special to appeal to the luxury home buyer. 

Spas, Gyms, and Yoga and Pilates Studios

Estimated Cost – Starting at $50,000

This is not your standard home gym! A spa, massage rooms, and high end equipment to ensure the ultimate fitness and relaxation experience right at home.

Wine Cellars and Tasting Rooms

Estimated Cost – $60,000 – $150,000

Exquisite taste and luxury go hand in hand and the same is true for wine. Some homes feature individual cellars for red and white wines, tasting rooms, and custom designed cabinet to provide optimal conditions for enjoying, storing, and aging fine wines.

Concierge Services

Estimated Cost – $50-$75 per hour

To ensure that everything is taken care of in the home, a concierge service is just the thing for those who have the money to outsource time and energy consuming tasks. A concierge service will manage your domestic affairs, take care of the chores and errand, and even offer assistance.

Custom Theatres & Media Rooms

Estimated Cost – $50,000+

Take your TV, streaming, and movie viewing up a notch with lavish leather reclining seats, theatre sized screens, surround sound or even movie theatre style seating. All you need is the popcorn!

Wrapping & Sewing Rooms

Estimated Cost – $5,000+

Wrapping and sewing are both projects that require a little bit of space. Instead of clearing space at the dining room table, assign a room and put in optimal furniture and equipment to ensure that you have the space you need in a quiet and inspirational place.

Structure Wiring and Security

Estimated Cost – $25,000+

“Smart wiring enables smart living.” By integrating home theatres, audio systems, communications, lighting, heating systems, appliances, and security systems, it is possible to control an entire home from your computer or smart phone. You will never be left wondering if you locked the door after you leave home, as you can always just check on your phone.

Home Elevators

Estimated Cost – $30,000 for equipment and installation; renovation costs, if needed, are extra

While elevators may be a necessity for some people, they are certainly a convenience for all. They take luxury to a whole new level, literally.

Heated Driveways

Estimated Cost – $5,000 for a 600 squarefoot driveway + installation

In Ottawa we get some pretty miserable winters. To make shovelling snow easier, or not even necessary, consider adding a heated driveway. With the flick of a switch, watch that white stuff melt away!

Whether you’re in the market to purchase a luxury home or just like to dream, these are some of the most unique and sought after amenities in luxury properties in Canada. Did we miss any? We’d love to hear what you think!